Chandler Walnut Update


The new California walnut crop is coming in later and shorter than expected. Reports from the orchards suggest the early varieties are down significantly compared to last year. The Chandler variety, which represents about 60% of the total California walnut crop, will be received soon and should provide a clearer picture of total new crop production.

California Chandler Walnut Harvest down

Based on the Objective Measurement, the average nut set per tree declined for the total walnut crop (16%) and for all varieties including Chandler (5%), Hartley (31%), Howard (25%), Tulare (29%), and Vina (25%). Some California walnut growers are expecting the total crop to come in at or below the Objective Measure estimate of 630K tons. We have yet to hear more optimistic expectations for the new crop. As the Chandler harvest ramps up and more receipts are seen, the picture of the total crop size will become more clear.

With a tighter supply situation, later harvest, and rising prices in recent weeks, many walnut packers are off the market or offering only selectively. Since the crop size remains unclear, many handlers are continuing to take a patient approach to marketing the new crop in order to avoid selling early at lower prices and to avoid becoming oversold if the crop comes in below expectations, as many anticipate. We have seen business done at higher price levels and so far the global demand appetite looks strong. Given the shorter and later crop, the marketing season for in-shell and shelled walnuts this year will be much longer in duration compared to last year. We continue to see upside potential in pricing given the disappointing receipts of early varieties and the potential for Chandler to be down more than expected.

We work with the best California walnut packers to supply our customers with Jumbo and Jumbo / Large (J/L) in-shell Chandler, Howard, Hartley, Vina, Tulare, Serr and other varieties. We also provide bleached in-shell walnuts in addition to California shelled product including Chandler and non-Chandler Light Halves & Pieces (LHP) 20%, 40%, 80% and higher based on customer requirements. We also supply Combo Halves and Pieces (CHP) and Light Sorted Pieces (LSP).


The Almond Industry Position Report for September 2019 showed year-to-date crop receipts from August 1st to September 30th of 839MM lbs, up 0.71% from last year. Over the same period, domestic shipments totaled 117MM lbs, down 0.28% and export shipments totaled 227MM lbs, up 10.30%. In total, year to date shipments are 344MM lbs, up 6.47% over the prior year period. Total committed shipments are up 19.26% with domestic up 16.67% and export up 21.22%. Almond handlers are assessing crop receipts to determine how much the new crop will be down compared to last year. Prices have been firm amid a tight transition to new crop and lower estimates or yields this year.

Our most popular almond varieties are Nonpareil, Independence, Butte/Padre, and Carmel types with the most popular grades of Supreme, Extra, Standard 5%, and more.


New crop pricing is available and earliest available shipments are available in mid-December for new crop halves and pieces. Prices have been stable in recent weeks. The National Pecan Sheller’s Association (NPSA) met recently and released an estimate of the new US pecan crop of 303MM lbs which is larger than the estimates made by the Tri-State and Texas Growers Association of 266MM lbs and 257MM lbs, respectively. The NPSA’s higher estimate is driven by better performance out of recently planted acreage. The NPSA also anticipates a recovery in production after recent setbacks including damaged southeastern acreage from 2018 hurricanes and smaller crops from Texas. With a return to better growing conditions and favorable weather events, the new pecan crop may exceed 300MM lbs.

We supply Fancy Junior Mammoth Halves (FJMH), Fancy Mammoth Halves, Fancy Pieces, and other sizes / types for all major U.S. pecan varieties.


Expectations for a smaller U.S. crop and strong global demand are putting upward pressure on new crop pricing.

We supply raw in-shell pistachios and raw pistachio kernels of all sizes, grades and styles. We also supply roasted Extra No. 1 pistachios and welcome your inquiries.


The size of the new 2019 raisin crop is not yet known but reports so far indicate excellent quality. California Natural Thompson Seedless (NTS) selects are available and we welcome your inquiries.

We supply all major bulk California raisins including dried-on-the-vine (DOV) and tray-dried Natural Thompson Seedless Selects, Selma Petes, Flames, Goldens, and other varieties in Jumbo, Select, and Midget sizes and welcome your inquiries. We also supply Selma Pete DOV Double-Run Supreme raisins to Japan and elsewhere which are processed twice to achieve exceptionally low stem and capstem counts. We offer multiple packaging options including custom boxes with client branding, supplier branded boxes, and blank unbranded boxes.


The latest crops of cranberries look to be of superb quality. There are no handler withholdings (supply reductions) mandated by the Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC) which is a plus for the supply-side. Organic whole and sliced sweetened dried cranberries (SDCs) availability remains strong. Growing crops from Canada on the organic side are helping add to total supply. Availability on conventional whole SDCs remains more challenged than for conventional sliced SDCs.

We supply Conventional and Organic Whole or Sliced Sweetened Dried Cranberries (SDCs) packed in bulk cases as well as Organic Apple Juice Sweetened varieties. We also work with quarter inch diced and other diced cranberry products available as per client requirement. In addition, we supply 50 Brix and 65 Brix cranberry concentrate shipped in bulk 55 gallon drums.

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