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February 18, 2018

Anderson Exports is a Dried Fruit & Nut Agency in Northern California. We specialize in sourcing the best ingredients from California and the rest of the world.


Domestic raisin sellers are seeing one of the most complex years in a decade or more. There has been strong demand this year from Asia, even in the face of one of the lowest carry-ins in many years. Prices remained firm in recent weeks as California packers are comfortably sold or nearly sold out of new crop material. Fruit shortages and escalating field prices are motivating some packers to stop offering forward contracts altogether. Vine-pull-outs in recent years and rains during this season’s harvest caused this year’s crop to be one of the smallest in over a decade. Together with robust global demand and stocks dwindling, we continue to see the price of California raisins rising to record highs.

We are well-positioned to offer California raisin products and recommend to our clients with forward needs that they book their forward needs as early as possible while packers are are still willing to offer long-term contracts. We continue to advise our clients to opt for Dried-on-Vine (DOV) material rather than Tray-Dried Thompsonsdue to the potential for quality issues of sand and grit that some Thompsons may have experienced during this harvest.

As for the southern hemisphere, both the Chilean and South African crops are expected to produce enough to export in the range of 50,000 MT, respectively. Yields are projected to return to historical levels and area harvested remains stable in both growing regions. Should South Africa and Chile have a good harvest, with no major rains during drying, they may be able to slightly ease price pressurecreated by the aforementioned shortages in California for the second half of 2018.

Even so, prices for all origins outside of Turkey and China should be expected to be buoyed by California, meaning higher prices for raisins across the board this year.


Prices for Sweetened Dried Cranberries (SDCs) continued to rise slowly in recent weeks. After a long period of oversupply and low prices, a smaller than expected crop in the U.S. and Canada and ongoing legislation to limit supply continues to lift prices from their recent lows.

There is also an availability issue brewing on Whole SDCs, with some packers reporting first available material as late as July already. Thus, we expect a steady firming in prices for Whole SDC especially. Lead-times for most suppliers are 8 weeks or more for conventional Sliced SDC.

We have limited quantities of both Sliced and Whole SDC that can be provided on an extremely short timeline depending on volume and price.


Chile is sold-out currently. Pricing for new crop should start by mid February. California still has limited availability on major inshell walnut varietals. Due to the record number of high heat days (100+ F // 38+ C) this year, many packers are opting to shell what they would normally sell as inshell product. Packers can better control for heat related damage during the shelling/sorting process, so we expect most packers to move on to selling their shelled walnuts faster than usual this year.


The outlook for the South American prune crop is good. Total tonnage expectationsare around 70,000 and 35,000 tons for Chile and Argentina, respectively. In the next crop, medium sizes from 40/50 to 50/60 are expected to gain share vs. large / jumbo sizes. We are well positioned to offer on Chilean and California organic and non-organic prunes and welcome your inquiries.


We are well positioned to offer Spanish origin La Mancha Saffron. Packing: 1 kg boxes.

Brazil Sugar

Global sugar production for 2017/2018 is expected to increase by approx. 13 million metric tons (mmt) in raw value to a record of 185 mmt, exceeding prior USDA estimates. This latest production estimate represents a 20 mmt increase over the 5-year low just two years ago. Key drivers of higher production include record production in Brazil, expected recoveries in output in India and Thailand due to favorable weather, the end of production quotas in the European Union (EU), and planted acreage growth in China. Even with this substantial increase in production, consumption indicators remain strong. There have been record exports and consumption figures of 62 million and 174 million tons, respectively.

We offer ICUMSA 45 Sugar by the 12,500, 25,000 and 50,000 MT vessel. MOQ: 12,500 MT. All sugar is SGS inspected and of the highest quality. Payment by SBLC or BG.

Brazil Corn

Brazilian corn farmers will reduce planted acreage and output this year as prices have lagged. Planted acreage is expected to drop by 11% in the 2017/2018 period. Based on the shorter crop, prices are expected to rebound. Global corn prices trended upward recently on weather-related concerns from South America. We supply GMO and Non-GMO certified Corn meal from Brazil. MOQ: 12,500+ tons. Product is SGS inspected end-to-end at buyer’s request. Payment by SBLC or BG.

Brazil Soybeans

Favorable climate conditions have led to upward revisions for the Brazilian soybean production. New crop production is expected to exceed 110 mmt. Exports are now estimated at 64 mmt, down slightly from 68 mmt last year. Harvested area is estimated at a record 45 million hectares, up 3 percent from last year. The new crop is expected to be strong, driven by favorable climate conditions, stable planted acreage, and slightly improved yields. In light of higher than expected production figures from Brazil, soybean futures fell in recent weeks.

We supply GMO and Non-GMO certified Soybean meal from Brazil. MOQ: 12,500+ tons. Product is SGS inspected end-to-end at buyer’s request. Payment by SBLC or BG.


We also offer a wide range of rice products including: Gaba Jasmine, Thai Fragrant, Thai Hommali, Thai Black, Thai White, Thai Red, and Thai Parboiled Rices. Payment by SBLC or BG.

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